Ten Effects of Hydrogen Water

1, hydrogen-rich water and free radicals

Hydrogen-rich hydrogen into the human body can quickly remove malignant free radicals, to prevent free radical damage to cells, and the use of hydrogen molecules in the role of redox combined with malignant free radicals, combined into non-toxic harmless water excreted, can be very good Of the promotion Metabolism.

2, hydrogen-rich water and high blood pressure

Active hydrogen water contains hydrogen electrons, can prevent unsaturated fatty acids and reactive oxygen species combined to produce lipid peroxidation unsaturated fatty acids, so that hypertension is improved.

3, hydrogen-rich water and diabetes

Active hydrogen water contained in the electronic hydrogen, can be restored by the body and the normal function of the body to improve the symptoms of diabetes.

4, hydrogen-rich water and bone and joint disease

Small molecules of calcium in water easily absorbed by the body, and in the body of harmful acidic substances, and hydrogen-rich water can reduce the value of blood uric acid in order to alleviate gout and other bone and joint diseases.

5, hydrogen-rich water and liver

Hydrogen-rich water can remove ethanol in the metabolic process of malignant free radicals, is a no adverse side effects of hangover liver products.

6, hydrogen-rich water and memory loss

Hydrogen-containing water can restore the reproductive ability of nerve cells reduced by the influence of active oxygen, thereby suppressing the deterioration of memory.

7, hydrogen-rich water and sub-health

Hydrogen-rich water from the root to add energy to remove free radicals (antioxidants), so that the human sub-health status, prevention of disease.

8, hydrogen-rich water and cancer

The electrons (negative ions) of the active hydrogen contained in the active hydrogen water can prevent the unrestricted division of the cancer cells into cells having the same lifespan as the ordinary cells.

9, hydrogen-rich water and beauty aging

The body's aging comes from oxidation, whether healthy or from the skin level, rich in hydrogen water can be antioxidant, so beauty anti-aging.

10, hydrogen-rich water and inflammatory diseases

Hydrogen can fight inflammation, reduce inflammation and accelerate inflammation. (Teeth, skin, stomach and other inflammatory remission)