1. Not making hydrogen water when the cup in charging, special attention to this requirement.

2. Do not make the same cup of water for more than 2 consecutive times, to avoid internal pressure is 

    too high, causing damage to the product.

3. Do not use AC100 ~ 240 / 50-60Hz other than the power outlet.

4. Strictly prohibited the use of cooling drinking water preparation of hydrogen-rich water.

5. Strictly prohibited to use water more than 50 degrees of water preparation of hydrogen water.

6. Strictly prohibited in addition to pure water, mineral water, purified water other than any liquid 

    drinks. (Such as carbonated drinks, fruit juice, lotion, coffee, alcohol, soy milk, etc.)

7. Strictly prohibited in the main body immersed in water.

8. Strictly prohibited unauthorized removal of the cup host.

9. The cup is strictly prohibited near the fire source or in the microwave heating.

10. The warranty does not involve accidental damage and man-made operation errors.

11. It is not responsible If the product resale or unauthorized third-party repair.