Firstly, the warranty service is limited to normal use and non-human damage within one year of the 

case, all man-made damage and is one of the following cases of goods, not under the warranty, but 

can implement fee for repair:

1, Beyond the warranty period;

2, Damage caused by human factors, including non-normal use of the environment, not in 

    accordance with the instructions to use, maintenance, storage damage caused by;

3, Unauthorized repair, alteration, demolition move, or stickers, bar code, machine serial number,

    product type or security mark does not match or was torn or altered;

4, Due to force majeure (such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, etc.) caused damage;

5, No purchase vouchers and valid notes, or valid notes were torn or altered;

6, The product of natural wear and tear (such as: shell, plug, etc.);

7, The other provisions of the law.


1, The appearance of damage (wear, scratches, etc.) will not enjoy the return service;

2, The seller verbal promises, beyond the provisions of the principle of the warranty does not provide 


3, The goods do not support returns.